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Occupy Gun Violence

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Gun Violence Educational Videos
Gun Violence Educational Videos

Educational videos and links to videos about guns and gun violence. These are offered rights free for nonprofit and educational use.

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Women Against Gun Violence

In the United States, 9 children are killed by gunfire EVERY SINGLE DAY. Our goal is 0. To support Women Against Gun Violence, click here: http://www.wagv

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Enough GUN Violence

This is a non-partisan site dedicated to curbing gun violence by all means including gun control

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Demand A Plan to End Gun Violence


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New Mexicans to Prevent Gun Violence
New Mexicans to Prevent Gun Violence

New Mexicans to Prevent Gun Violence does not promote gun ownership or shooting sports. WE DO strongly advocate that all those who own a gun be trained, s

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Victims of Gun Violence who Support Gun Ownership Rights

If you have lost someone to gun violence and would like to share your story please do so and that you still support gun owners rights even after such a tr

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Faith Coalition on Gun Violence - FCGV

The Faith Coalition on Gun Violence raises awareness about gun violence, its prevention and its impact on families and communities. Promotes responsible g

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Youth Against Gun Violence

Youth Against Gun Violence (YAGV), is an organization initiated to limit gun-related violence. By empowering the youth to take action themselves, the YAGV

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Virginia Coalition for Gun Violence Prevention

This facebook page represents all the Gun Violence Prevention groups that are operating in Virginia. There are many groups that have many people working

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