10 Best Hookah lounge in Lebanon

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No more need to drive to a Shisha Place , we bring The Shisha Straight to your home ready to smoke � Free Delivery 71/300206

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Uptown Beirut

بِوَقْت صَارِت النَّاس بدَّا كتِير من دون مُقابل، مِتعَطّشِة لكِلّ شي بِدون ما يكون عِندا وقت لتْقَدِّر أيَّ شي وفَقَدت المَعنى الحَقيقي للأصالة والنِّوعية

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اركيلة الاصلي Argilet El-Assle

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Hookah هوكا

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Bug's Cafe
Bug's Cafe

BUG'S CAFE : our policy is to keep breaking the rules

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Zekrayat l Zouk
Zekrayat l Zouk

Located in the center of zouk Mikael, zekrayat l zouk offers a wide selection of Lebanese and international cuisine with a daily "Plat du jour". Join us fo

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Wa Habbet Misk- Beirut
Wa Habbet Misk- Beirut

Located in the Heart of Hamra, Sidani st, Wa Habbet Misk opens the doors of its charming restaurant to add a touch of dream to its clientele, while providi

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Al Saniour

Plat Du Jour: http://ow.ly/bxtF300Kwre

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Shisha Bar Resto-Club
Shisha Bar Resto-Club

Our Entertainment Program: - Monday & Friday: Karaoke with Show Off - Thursday & Saturday: Entertainment program with singer, belly dancer and DJ.

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Pro's Cafe
Pro's Cafe

To create an environment where absolute guest satisfaction is our highest priority. Follow us also on www.twitter.com/ProsCafe T: 01 68 11 44 M: 03 72 02

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