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Ghaleb Designs

All our products are hand made,designed with a pure traditional sensation and made with care to make sure that the item you wear is unique and made special

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Raymond Ghaleb (page)

Muralist & Painter.

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Sera Fattouh's Photography
Sera Fattouh's Photography

Professional Photography Services For booking please inbox or call 70603904

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Hariri High School II

HHS II has been working diligently to fulfill the educational needs of the middle-class community under the supervision of the Directorate of Education at

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Rafik Al Hariri Airport

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Rafic El Hariri International Airport (Gate 19)
Rafic El Hariri International Airport (Gate 19)

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Rafic Hariri University Hospital
Rafic Hariri University Hospital

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Matar Rafic Al Hariri

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Koura gate
Koura gate

Leasing now...! For more details, please contact Jack Saba at [email protected] or mobile +974-55104880

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Georges Al Rassi and Joelle Hatem
Georges Al Rassi and Joelle Hatem

✔Official Page of Georges Al Rassi and Joelle Hatem

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