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Zambian gemstone traders
Zambian gemstone traders

categories: Attractions/things to do, Attractions/Things to Do

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Zambian Electronic Enterprise Resource Planning System
Zambian Electronic Enterprise Resource Planning System

This is a Zambian custom made Electronic Enterprise Resource Planning System. Made to work and support all kinds of Zambian businesses looking to expand th

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Zambia Squash Association
Zambia Squash Association

The main objective of the association is to advance, enhance, safeguard and secure the interest of the game both locally and internationally with the aim t

categories: Sports league

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Youth Alive Zambia

categories: Non-profit organization

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Zambia National Farmers' Union
Zambia National Farmers' Union

The Zambia National Farmers' Union (ZNFU) is one of the oldest associations in Zambia. ZNFU has existed under various names almost since the first Large-

categories: Farming/agriculture, Farming/Agriculture

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Techtrends Zambia
Techtrends Zambia

We are a Zambian web-based Technology Publication that is at the cutting edge of industry reporting, analysis and research as well as other services. Our c

categories: Media/news/publishing

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Looking for a car or selling a car.This is the place

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Zambia National Women's Lobby - ZNWL

ZNWL is a non-partisan, non-profit making, membership based, non-governmental organisation advocating for increased women's participation and representatio

categories: Non-governmental organization (ngo)

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Cavendish University Zambia: School Of Medicine

Provides Pre-medical studies. Degrees im Medicine, Clinical science and Nursing and Midwifery. Also Master's degrees in Public Health.

categories: University

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Miss Tourism Zambia

The pageant is organised by a professional and committed team and attracts a high profile audience which has previously included the former First Lady of Z

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