10 Best School fundraiser in Portland

Holy Cross Catholic School Auction

Holy Cross Catholic School Auction page is dedicated to promote and raise awareness about the largest fundraiser for the school year 2014. All of the money

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Beaumont Middle School Foundation
Beaumont Middle School Foundation

The Beaumont Middle School Foundation is a non-profit organization that raises money specifically designated to the hiring of staff at Beaumont Middle Scho

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Oya No Kai Auction

Oya No Kai's purpose is to contribute to the successful development of the Japanese Magnet Program (JMP) and to develop a network of mutual support among p

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www.closebuycatalog.com Getting the chocolate of schools into the peanut butter of the local economy.

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Lewis Earth Day Fair, Saturday, April 22nd, 2017

Location: 4401 SE Evergreen St., just South of Woodstock This Event will feature live entertainment, great food, fun shopping and student-led tours of the

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Lincoln Middle School PTFO

The Lincoln Middle School PTFO page is the source for online support, information, and connection for all LMS parents.

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The Red Sweater Project Bus
The Red Sweater Project Bus

The Red Sweater Project Bus is owned and operated by Ndugu, LLC with all profits going to the Red Sweater Project and their work in creating sustainable, c

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Buckman Art Show & Sell
Buckman Art Show & Sell

This beloved Southeast Portland tradition is now in its 27th year. Participating artists donate 30% of their proceeds to benefit the Buckman Elementary Sch

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